About Us

The company "Leksi Security" is one of the elite security companies and problem solutions that serve the customer and business through branches and monitoring centers throughout Albania.
The company, with its resources throughout Albania, offers many ways to help protect customers and their businesses.
It offers creativity through investments in infrastructure, technology and human resources for: domestic and foreign businesses, commercial banks, small businesses, housing, and various clients.

Who we are

The company "Leksi Security" sh.pk, was established on 11.06.2006, with a clear vision for the expansion, improvement and increase of quality in the provision of security service throughout the country.
Its services are: Physical guarding of state, public and private facilities with private police, guarding of bodyguards, facility guarding with modern alarm and video surveillance systems and ready group.
The company offers and undertakes the provision of special cultural-sports activities, various fairs. The company guarantees high professionalism in the field of security and safety, etc.

We are guided by values

• Professionalism
• Effectiveness
• Commitment
• Sincerity
• Transparency
• Innovation
• Health and safety